Complementary Currencies package for Drupal

This module provides single entry accounting between members of your Drupal site. It is intended to run community currencies and barter networks, and is extremely flexible.

About this demo

This sandbox has 6 users, including admin, and 4 currencies, and NO CUSTOM CODE. It is intended for Drupal implementers to evaluate the module, though admin interface is not (yet) shown. Log in as one of the dummy users on the left, and experience it for Drupal as an end user. To try another version working as part of a free, hosted community solution, please visit Community Forge. What this demo doesn't show you is

  • Control over many currency design parameters, especially permissions, trading limits, display, notifications
  • Pending transactions, with signatories and notifications
  • Form building interface
  • API layer enabling transaction read/write in different databases and formats!

Complementary currency software for whom?

LETS, Timebanks and any mutual credit system should find this package meets most if not all of their needs, as long as community members have internet access. Your community needs this local money because it

  • allows communities a measure of economic automony
  • supports local businesses
  • reduces resource consumption by encouraging local trade and local life
  • reduces the need for interest-bearing commercial debt-money
  • builds relationships based on trust and reciprocation
  • etc

Mutual Credit for Drupal is important

There are few real software options for complementary currencies if you require open source, free, usable, modular and configurable solutions. The main players are not based in social networking, and do not using a web framework. These projects will find it harder and harder to keep up. In contrast to the others, the complementary currency package for Drupal:

  • is the first of a new generation of complementary currency software
  • is much cheaper to build and maintain, because it is a specialised module in an excellent framework i.e. Drupal
  • works alongside thousands of other Drupal modules
  • offers communities autonomy over their web tools

Complementary Currency system compatibility

There is a wide variety of complementary currency systems around. This Complementary Currencies package supports mutual credit systems such as LETS, Timebanks, and Tauschringen.

This software should work very well for a mixed cash / banking system, where currency can be checked in and out of a 'cash' account and distributed as notes. Mutual credit accounting works just as well if your currency is fiat or commodity backed.